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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Recent Exquisite Feet Upgrades

I guess we'd been putting a few things off for a while on the website so this week we bit the bullet and put them right.

#1: Zip Downloads
These used to be located on the updates page but it was awkward for people to find the download they wanted. We've now added more zip downloads and moved them all to the top of the corresponding gallery. Not all galleries have zip downloads but more than half do and most of the new updates do. It is generally the older sets than do not have zip downloads yet.

#2: Video Section
The Video page has been made more attractive by the addition of thumbs for each set of videos. Also, when you click on a link the videos are now at the top of the page so you do not have to scroll down past the photos to see them.

#3: Navigation Bar
We've added the Model list to the navigation bar so you can browse our 40-ish foot models and select your favorite galleries of each.

Exquisite Feet is dedicated to bringing our members a quality foot-fetish website that has exclusive photos, video and stories/articles. We are always looking into ways to make the site better so if you have any suggestions or requests please contact webmaster AT exquisitefeet DOT com.

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