2005 Update Archive
28 December 2005
1x story. Alan was Senior Account Executive for the North-West Division, well he was one of them anyway, this year it was his turn to represent the company in the International Sales Convention. Not being as career-minded as he had been five years ago Alan was not overjoyed but was thankful of an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas, NV. There would be guys he knew there and it wouldn’t be too hot – perfect conditions for late-night sessions in the casinos.
26 December 2005
Tramps Trampling - Emily and I trample in the Cave - pt 1
30 pics. Emily and I join forces to stamp on my new slave. In part one we walk all over him with bare feet, we're not as easy-going in part two! Coming soon!
23 December 2005
Shoes Galore - The Feet Before Christmas - pt 2
48 pics. Part two of the Christmas shoot that Brittany did with Bob Coulter. Bob's shoots are always excellent, the lighting, the girl(s) and the shot are always high-quality. This shoot is interesting because of the television and the mirror and of course, Brittany looking stunning playing around as an evil, sexy Santa.
21 December 2005
Shoes Galore - Xmas Charity Slave Auction 2005
72 pics. We held our first slave auction last year with Mistress Cyan. This was our first solo slave auction and went well. Here are the pics from the party, plenty of pornstars, mistresses and foot shots!
19 December 2005
Shoes Galore - Two Stocking Fillers
46 pics. Two of our favorite girls at Exquisite Feet, Laurie Wallace and Michelle Lay, get together for some seasonal fun. Both girls are wearing cute red heels. Laurie is wearing closed toes and Michelle is showing off her toes and toe ring in her white fishnets. We love holiday season!
16 December 2005
Shoes Galore - The Feet Before Christmas - pt 1
58 pics. Its christmas night and Brittany is dressed up in her christmas outfit. Sooo many toys to deliver, but whats the stupid hat for? Britt destroys her hat then takes a time out before going on her rounds.
15 December 2005
Tramps Trampling - Two HOT Blondes trample Pierce
44 pics. Poor Pierce is stripped naked and stepped on by the two gorgeous blondes. First the both trample him, then Elektra uses her bare feet to step on Pierce's face and cock for added humiliation.
12 December 2005
Worship My Feet - Brittany Andrews makes Emily Worship her Feet
36 pics. Girl-on-girl action. Emily goes too far during a photoshoot with Brittany and gets made to bow down and kiss her Mistresses heels. Submissive Emily gets her hair pulled and does as she's told, worshipping blindly. Emily is cute and Brittany is as exquisite as ever!
10 December 2005
Sluts in Stockings - Brittany and Kryztal Red play on the Sofa
42 pics. Kryztal Red and Brittany Andrews get to grips with each other. Heels are good for walking and can also be used in other places, as demonstrated here. Brittany gets pleasured by Kryztals black heels, both are in stockings and both hot chicks make some great poses in this our latest update.
7 December 2005
Lets Talk About Feet - A COLLEGE VACATION
1x story. One day a familiar-looking girl came in. She was about my age and I was sure that I knew her. She was inside about 30 seconds before it occurred to me that she was one of the people I used to hang out with when I was about nine or ten. We had this game where I would be her pet and she would be this princess. I don’t know how it worked but I just remember being on my hands and knees in the playground one day while she warned me not to try and escape.
6 December 2005
Shoes Galore - Laurie Wallace in Silver Heels
63 pics. The amazing Laurie Wallace is on top form with this colorful set. She strips and pleasures herself in silver high heels. For lovers of beautiful women and feet.
3 December 2005
Foot Fucking - Miss Brittany tramples and foot-fucks Porno Dan
31 images. Brittany is at it again, this time with her devoted foot-slave, Porno Dan. First he offers money, then he is ordered to take the position and get trampled. Finally, Brittany rewards her slave with a footjob.
2 December 2005
Lets Talk About Feet - FOOTWORK
1x story. The first story in our new "Editor's Choice" section. This section will contain real life and ficticious stories about exquisite feet and sex. This story is about one night when the Exquisite Feet webmaster was working late.
29 November 2005
Shoes Galore - Brittany relaxes and poses in Marbella
21 pics. On a recent trip to Marbella I had one of my fans take some sexy pics of me for the website. No matter where you are in the world you never know where I might be traveling to next so why not join my mailing list at MeetBrittany.com.
26 November 2005
Trampling Tramps - Trampling a businessman in a DC hotelroom
50 pics. Us three girls, Anne Marie, Autumn and myself, find a pathetic businessman in a hotel bar so decide to take him back to his room and teach him a few lessons. He gets thoroughly trampled by all three of us at once and made to repent his sins.
24 November 2005
Bedtime with Tyler
30 pics. Tyler Stevens plays on the bed in a really cute, sexy and fun shoot.
20 November 2005
Shoes Galore - Kiss's Long Black Boots on the Stairs
24 pics. Kiss poses nude in her long, black stockings at the top of some stairs. This was an experimental shoot one evening, the changes in lighting are staggering. This is the first gallery with out new picture navigation system. Enjoy!
18 November 2005
Audio - Miss B has Foot Fun in her car
1x audio file. Miss Brittany gives us a snippet from her personal life when she lured someone back to her car. Hear Brittany talk about her experience in the members' area.
17 November 2005
Erotica LA 2005
38 pics. Behind the scenes from this years Erotica LA includes moi in two outfits, before and afterwards at the gas station after the show.
13 November 2005
Shoes Galore - Laurie's No Angel
38 pictures. Laurie Wallace is a very sexy lady and we were very fortunate to work with her. I, myself, have followed her career from the beginning and always love seeing pics of her. This shoot was very cute, the angel wings and white heels are yummy. More from Laurie soon.
8 November 2005
Tyler in the Bath
45 pics. Tyler washes her feet in the tub - stills from the video. Another sexy addition to our current wet feet series.
5 November 2005
Shoes Galore - Britt @ Work
54 pictures. Some people don't realise how busy Miss Brittany gets. Her roles include CEO, director, producer, female-talent and celebrity. Brittany travels all over the world on business and is always working on new projects. Miss B not only travels but also e-mails A LOT. To save her from her laptop you can request a meeting with Brittany at her Meetbrittany website.
4 November 2005
Audio - Britt's first audio clip for us
1x audio file. Miss Brittany says hi to her Foot-fetish fans. The first clip is very short but next time we'll have a discussion about feet as seen in the eyes of Miss Brittany herself. In the meantime, this is an appetizer.
3 November 2005
Video - Tyler washing feet
1x video clip. Tyler Stevens sits in the tub and washes her dirty feet in the running water. There is lots of splashing and oiling of feet as she makes sure every crevasse and wrinkle is properly cleaned. This vid oozes sexy wetness. More please!
1 November 2005
Lets Talk About Feet - GOING MAINSTREAM?
Article and pictures. Hello all of my lovely readers. It is me, the moist and delicious Brittany Andrews back once again for another crazy adventure. So many things have been happening lately that I am aching to share them with all of you fetish fiends.
31 October 2005
My Foot Centerfolds - Bitch's Niche
8 magazine page spreads. I was round Larry Flint's place a few years ago, it was actually in his Penthouse, haahaa. Larry suggested we shoot then and there so I called the guy I was seeing at the time and a photographer came round and these are the results. Not bad! xxx Miss Brittany
27 October 2005
Brittany takes a Bubblebath
34 pics. After a long glamour shoot a lady has to unwind in the right way in order to be at her best that evening and the next day. A bubblebath is a fabulous way to do just that. When a bubblebath and a photoshoot combine foot-fetishists get a sexy treat. Enjoy. xxx Miss Brittany
26 October 2005
Kiss video
1 video clip. This is the vid from the Kiss photoset. Real-life toe-washing in the shower.
24 October 2005
Trampling Tramps - Brittany tramples Pierce as Betty
29 pics. I dress up as Betty Page and tie Pierce to the train tracks. Helpless, he is trampled by myself, the dominant brunette. This was a fun shoot to do, for fans of retro-style foot action.
22 October 2005
Kiss washes and polishes her toenails
19 pics. Kiss washes and polishes her toenails in the shower. Kiss is a great friend of this site and we're really pleased that this, her first set for us, is up. Real-life washing and scrubbing of feet and painting of toenails. This is the first in a great series from Kiss. The video is coming soon as are some hot photosets in high-heeled boots.
19 October 2005
My Foot Centerfolds - Brittany pays her Taxes
13 page magazine article (pics and story). Re-scan for the website. I was working the park, day shift. Its not so bad, at least I can work on my tan, but finding a place to take the tricks can be, shall we say, tricky? That's why I had my perv bait on: fishnets and five-inch black patent sandals... A new Miss Britt article next week!
18 October 2005
Lets Talk About Feet - Interview w Brittany, Raylene and Ed Fox
The interview that goes with the Ed Fox photoset. All three of us talk frankly about our love of feet and some of our foot projects.
17 October 2005
Sluts in Stockings - Alexandra Silk Plays in her Shoes and Stockings
Alexandra Silk wears a crotchless fishnet body stocking and cute black and white heels. She unwraps and plays with her favorite dildo through the stockings. Naughty fun!
13 October 2005
Hi, darlings! It's your sinful, sultry sweetheart, Brittany, here for another romp through my wonderful world of the foot-fetish. I had the most wonderful adventure the other day. Yours truly was treated to, without a doubt, the Ultimate Pedicure. Joy!
11 October 2005
Barefoot Bitches - Bedtime with Tyler Stevens - video
7 minutes of video and one pic. We met Tyler last week and she came into to do some stills and video for us. This is a really cute playful scene with her in the bedroom. Tyler has great feet and she is so hot in this scene. More to come from Tyler, watch this space.
7 October 2005
My Foot Centerfolds - Brittany, Raylene and Ed Fox
8 pics. Ed Fox, as well as being a stunning erotic photographer, is also a lover of feet. It shows in this latest update. These are some of the best foot fetish stills I have seen. High-quality update!
7 October 2005
Exquisite Feet Yahoo Group
We now have an Exquisite Feet Group for Members and Non-Members. For Non-Members there are a few extra samples that you won't find anywhere else and for Members it is a source of information and an opportunity to get deeper into the world of Exquisite Feet.
4 October
Worship My Feet - Mistress Amrita feeds her pet
80 pics. Mistress Amrita dresses her new slave in a dog-harness and orders him to remove her shoes and stockings and get to work kissing and licking her feet. It's not long before her new pet is being fed with dog food and given a messy foot-job.
2 October 2005
Shoes Galore - Alaura Eden with White Heels
26 pictures. Alaura peels off her tiny white top and miniskirt and is left in just her white pumps. She looks sexy and sophisticated with her black glasses. Hot hot hot!
30 September 2005
BTS video - Toe Sucking 3some
20 minutes of video and 34 pictures. This shoot in New Jersey was HOT!!! You've seen the stills before now see the video of the photoshoot as we get messy with Rhiannon's feet and whipped cream.
28 September 2005
Well, the editor-in-chief has this interest to know about me. He always complains when my column comes in, more sex! When do we get to find out about you? I always reply that I'm a porn star and this is an adult magazine, then he agrees.
26 September 2005
Up Close and Personal Feet
47 pics. Upclose and personal with Brittany in Hong Kong. This set looks quite arty, candid pics of Brittany taken by herself on vacation.
21 September 2005
Various sizes of Exquisite Feet wallpaper added to the members area.
21 September 2005
Article and pictures. Hey there, porno aficionados, it is I, Miss Brittany, here to excite and delight you as only I can. Your favorite porn superstar has been very busy since we last spoke. I went to the Gentleman's Expo in Las Vegas to do some photo shoots and bumped into the delectable Lisa Ann. She looked super yummy and was even nice enough to make time in her busy schedule to take some pics with me, as you can see.
20 September 2005
Barefoot Bitches - Barefoot Smoking
Barefoot hotel smoking: Miss Britt takes her shoes off for some lazy, barefoot smoking.
20 September 2005
NEW EF Store!!!
Our new store can be used for purchasing DVDs, toys and herbal products, you can even watch VOD and rent DVDs.
17 September 2005
Worship My Feet - Mistress Amrita lures her prey - pt 2
50 images. Mistress Amrita comes to town to discipline a couple of street urchins who were causing trouble. The two thugs didn't know that Amrita as well as being very cute is also a martial arts expert. She soon has them subdued and under her patent black heels.
16 September 2005
Worship My Feet - Mistress Amrita lures her prey - pt 1
55 images. Mistress Amrita comes to town to discipline a couple of street urchins who were causing trouble. The two thugs didn't know that Amrita as well as being very cute is also a martial arts expert. She soon has them subdued and under her patent black heels.
15 September 2005
Lets Talk About Feet - BOOB CRUISE
Article and 13 images. Hello out there my loyal readers, have I got a tale for you. I just got back from SCORE's fourth annual Boob Cruise. Of all of the cruises I have attended (three so far!), this year's was the best and let me tell you why...
13 September 2005
Barefoot Bitches - Hollywood Pedicure - more video added!
20 extra minutes of video added. We finish up at the salon then go back to my pad where I get ready for the Night of the Stars. This includes a naked interview with moi while I was sitting on the floor fixing my makeup, me going for a pee and you even get to meet my cats.
8 Septermber 2005
BTS video including sucking whipped cream from toes
I wish I was allowed to suck cream from my toes every day, there must be a diet out there somewhere that lets me.
7 Septermber 2005
Hey there, foot lovers. Sit yourself down and make yourself comfortable while I tell you about my raunchy adventures from this past Halloween...
6 Septermber 2005
Trampling Tramps - Chicken Liver Trampling
I, Miss Brittany, find some chicken livers in the studio so I decide to remove my shoes and trample the meat with my bare feet. Definitely not for vegetarians. When I have squished the meat til its tender I suck the juices from my toes. If only I had a slave around to do the sucking for me. Ah well.
31 August 2005
Lets Talk About Feet - LIFE ON A LEG SEX SHOOT
Hey now boys and girls! Have I been a busy girl! I was at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and I want to apologize to some of you Leg Sex guys for the Club Rubber partything at Utopia. It turns out I handed out a bunch of free tickets to you guys, but these tickets were only allowed to let women in. I guess there were marks that the black light could see. I was clueless. Sorry guys! I owe ya a blowjob!
31 August 2005
Trampling Tramps - Shrimp Trampling
41 new images and 6 minutes of video. Food sex is fun. I bought some shrimp and thought that it would be hot to feel their texture between my toes. It's really a shame to put them in burrittos they deserve to be squished naked under my feet.
28 August 2005
Lets Talk About Feet - A MONTH IN THE LIFE OF ME
What did we come up with this month? "A Day In The Life" of yours truly. Actually, that was my editor's idea, so naturally I changed it around on him a bit to a month! A day would be too boring. All I do is wake up, work, call one of my fuck buddies and, well, if you've been reading my column, you know what happens next! I thought this would be much better. So, here you go...a month in the life of me... Brittany!
27 August 2005
Barefoot Bitches - Hollywood Pedicure
10 minutes of video and pictures. I went for a pedicure before the Free Speech Coalition's Night of the Stars event. It was my webmaster's first attempt at filming but he didn't do too badly. I enjoyed the filming and obviously its always fabulous to have my feet massaged by a cute asian boy. We carried on filming when we got back to my pad. Stay tuned for an interview with Moi whilst fixing my makeup naked.
27 August 2005
Worship My Feet - Crystal, Sabrina Belladonna and Moi get our feet worshipped
42 images. When the three of us returned from a night out we decided to have some fun with Blade who was relaxing in front of the TV. He gets treated badly but enjoys every second.
21 August 2005
Small video clip
For my birthday this year I went to Magic Mountain with a few friends. Maybe you saw us there? I LOVE all the crazy rides they have there. I took a few pics of me and my fabulous friends, maybe you'll get to see them soon. In the meantime here's a short clip of me filming some hot sandals with lovely feet in them.
21 August 2005
Worship My Feet - Goddess Heather meets Randy Rodman - part 2
Goddess Heather meets Randy Rodman in the dungeon - part 2. Includes foot worship, trampling, toe-sucking and shoe-licking.
16 August 2005
Lets Talk About Feet - ITS LETTER TIME
I thought this month I might go through the reader mail and answer some of it! It's kind of kinky what you guys write, and I like it! Hey, a girl has to do something to keep herself busy besides masturbat­ing all the time, so I read my mail...and masturbate! Haaaaaa!
15 August 2005
Worship My Feet - Porno Dan gets double trouble - part 2
42 images. Hmmmm. Dan knows a good thing when he sees it. This time he's with two gorgeous girls Miss Crystal and Kayla Cam. In this, the second part, the shoes are off and Dan savours the beautiful feet of both sexy ladies.
12 August 2005
Worship My Feet - Porno Dan gets double trouble - part 1
42 images. Hmmmm. Dan knows a good thing when he sees it. This time he's with two gorgeous girls Miss Crystal and Kayla Cam. He licks their shoes and worships their exquisite feet. Don't miss the rest of the barefoot action in part 2 - cumming soon.
12 August 2005
I recently returned from a vacation in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Maybe you'll get to hear about that soon but in the meantime this article brings back some sexy memories from a time I went on a working trip to Japan. Me and my roomie had some yummy foot fun. Yes, must go back to Japan sooooon. Sayonara!
9 August 2005
Worship My Feet - Goddess Heather meets Randy Rodman in the dungeon - part 1
52 images. Goddess Heather knows the kind of medicine to dish out to willing foot-slaves. You can tell that Randy is crazy about feet but was he ready for the Goddess? You decide. Includes foot worship, trampling, toe-sucking and shoe-licking.
7 August 2005
Sluts in Stockings - Elektra in Red Stockings - Part 2
48 new images. Elektra gets nasty in her scarlet underwear.
4 August 2005
Lets Talk About Feet - BRITT'S BIRTHDAY BASH
It's my birthday on the 13th of this month so I thought I'd get in the mood with this article. When Miss Brittany celebrates something like a birthday it has to be done in style with lots of yummy foot-sex. What should I do this year? Write to me here and if I like your suggestion I might even take your advice and post pics for you to see.
2 August 2005
Sluts in Stockings - Peroxide Blonde, Elektra, in Red Stockings - Part 1
46 new images. Elektra gets nasty in her red stockings, panties, bodice and arm leggings.
30 July 2005
Lets Talk About Feet - the Webmaster speaks!
Everyone knows that I'm no good with computers so people are always asking me about my webmaster. Does he like feet? Do you like him? Does he smell? Well, I'm teaching him about feet and he's doing fabulously as you'll see. The other questions you'll have to guess about.
27 July 2005
Lets Talk About Feet - My Hottest Leg & Foot Fantasies!
I L-O-V-E talking about my fantasies and when I talk about them I get wet and forget about what I'm supposed to be doing. Fantasies are great don't you agree?
26 July 2005
Shoes Galore - Brittany Andrews on JasonCurious.com
6 videos and 8 pictures. I was recently on my friend, Jason Sechrest's website. In this video you get a two part video interview and four part masturbation sequence in my red high-heels. Yummy.
25 July 2005
Sluts in Stockings - Puma Swede - Part 2
71 new images. Busty, blonde Puma Swede tears and rips her stockings off in this great black pantyhose shoot. Puma has a great body and a lot of style, I hope I get the chance to work with her one day. That would be sooo hot!
25 July 2005
FREE Wallpaper
I had one of my foot-slaves make me some wallpaper for the site. Download all five and have a different Miss Brittany on your screen Monday thru Friday. Download it here
23 July 2005
Lets Talk About Feet - ANOTHER TYPICAL MONTH...
In this week's article I have steamy foot-sex with a girl in an internet shower-room, shoot a music video with George Michael and am named one of the top three pornstars by Entertainment Tonight. Whats a girl to do? Re-reading this article has made me all hot and bothered, maybe I'll just take a shower...
21 July 2005
Trampling Tramps - gallery 7
65 new images. Pierce gets trampled by myself and Alaura Eden - Part 2. We caught Pierce looking at Alaura's bare breasts so we stripped him naked and took our revenge by trampling him into submission.
20 July 2005
Sluts in Stockings - Puma Swede - Part 1
68 new images. Busty, blonde Puma Swede tears and rips her stockings off in this great black pantyhose shoot. Puma has a great body and a lot of style, I hope I get the chance to work with her one day. That would be sooo hot! If you can't wait for Part 2 check out Puma's website pumaswede.com.
15 July 2005
Lets Talk About Feet - SHOE STORE WHORE
This week's article was my very first. Hmmm... not bad for a beginner. :)
14 July 2005
Trampling Tramps - gallery 6
64 new images. Pierce gets trampled by myself and Alaura Eden - Part 1. We caught Pierce looking at Alaura's bare breasts so we stripped him naked and took our revenge by trampling him into submission.
11 July 2005
Foot Fucking - World's Biggest Footjob Gangbang
2xvideo and 28 images. Deleted pictures and part 2 of video return.
11 July 2005
Barefoot Bitches - Independence Day Feet
This is the story of how Brittany's feet took her to see the fireworks on the 4th of July. Miss Brittany looks after them well and takes them out painted. When they get thirsty Brittany obeys her feet and dutifully gives them a beer.
9 July 2005
Worship My Feet - Porno Dan worships Angelica Sin's black stockings
Dan tastes her sexy nylon and can't get enough of the feel of her toes inside her sheer pantyhose.
8 July 2005
Lets Talk About Feet - THE DEVIL INSIDE
Magazine article. I hope you'll love me more after you read this. And, if I know leg men, you will...
6 July 2005
Foot Fucking - Dan has fun with Crystal White's feet
33 new images. Crystal sits on his face, holding his head with her feet and faces him eat her pussy then rewards him with a slippery footjob.
6 July 2005
Foot Fucking - Sinnamon is foot-fucked
14 images - these pictures return to the site. Sinnamon enjoys it when a foot slips into her pussy. This gallery has a happy ending.
1 July 2005
Lets Talk About Feet - DOWN & OUT IN L.A.
Magazine article and 13 new images. You had better worship me for what I do for you. I stepped on a rat and walked through piss for you...
27 June 2005
Shoes Galore - Gallery 12, Hotel Room Video
3 new vids. Hotel Rooms can be lonely, boring places unless you know how to spice them up. Want me to show you how?
27 June 2005
Sluts in Stockings - (and Toe sucking) with Kryztal Red and me
41 new images. Me and Kryztal strip down to our sheer panyhose on the bed. You can almost feel our beige nylon pantyhose rubbing together. This lesbian photoset goes well with this week's magazine article in which I talk about how it feels to wear pantyhose without panties.
23 June 2005
Lets Talk About Feet - From PANTYHOSE to NAIL POLISH
A magazine article with a reader's letter and accompanying pictures. In this update I answer a few of your questions and bend over outside letting the breeze caress my pussy... Ahhh, simple pleasures.
21 June 2005
Toe Sucking - Lesbian Threesome pt2
50 new images. This is the second part of the steamy photoset with Victoria Zdrok, Rhiannon and myself. The foot action continues and gets hotter. All three of us enjoyed making this set... and it shows. In this part we really start to enjoy the whipped cream, toe sucking and more...
17 June 2005
Toe Sucking - Lesbian Threesome
51 new images. I heard from a little bird that some of you like sexy, busty ladies playing and licking each other. Victoria Zdrok, Rhiannon and myself make a hot threesome, if I say so myself, especially when we get together and have some fun. There's plenty of barefoot action in this set and we also start to smear the whipped cream over our bodies.
16 June 2005
Barefoot Bitches - My Dirty Bare Feet
11 new images. Sometimes I like to walk around the house barefoot. Often this leads to getting my feet dirty, especially if I have to run outside for something. Today's update shows what can happen to a girl when she removes her pantyhose and shoes. The dirt gets into all the little nooks and crannies. It can take a long, thorough lathering and washing before the feet are completely clean again. Who has some soap and warm water?
15 June 2005
Lets Talk About Feet - It Takes Two
I'm starting to post the articles that I wrote for a famous leg magazine. I'll post one article with the pictures that go with it every week as well as my usual feet updates. You lucky boys! The first update is a true story, maybe this explains where my foot fetish first began. Ahhh... memories.
7 June 2005
My Foot Centerfolds- gallery 7
16 new images and a self-stimualation lesson plan. Would you like me to be your teacher? My name is Miss Brittany Andrews and I will be your masturbatrix for the afternoon... there are no prerequisites for this class as I'll tell you exactly what I expect of you.
6 June 2005
Slave Contest Update - Members Only
Want to worship my feet? I don't let just anyone get on all fours and lick my shoes. If you want to polish every crevasse of my hot pumps with your obedient tongue you must enter my slave contest.
1 June 2005
Shoes Galore - gallery 11
44 new images. I have this pair of sexy black pumps with ankle straps, I was going an impromptu shoot in a nice location. Anyway, I got undressed and there was this vibrator lying around. Whats a girl to do?
24 May 2005
Sluts in Stockings - gallery 7
39 new images. Here are some classic poses of me with a Betty Paige-like look.
16 May 2005
Shoes Galore - gallery 10 - behind the scenes video
19 new videos. You all know me, Miss Brittany Andrews, as a Dominant Fetish Queen but every now and then if the right person asks me I'll do a shoot for someone else that isn't in my usual style. This was one of those moments! I loved dressing up as a sexy cowboy in red latex and the hottest red, strappy pumps. This is a behind the scenes look at a Foot Diva @ work so you get to get to see me from angles that don't normally get seen. :) - Miss Brittany
9 May 2005
My Foot Centerfolds - gallery 6
23 new images. Goldie and I celebrate the 5th anniversary of a famous leg magazine in style. Foot sex and food sex. This is a hot shoot, definitely the kind of pictures that makes by look forward to my next birthday.
6 May 2005
Shoes Galore - gallery 9
15 new images.
20 April 2005
Shoes Galore - gallery 8
51 new images.
12 April 2005
Sluts in Stockings - gallery 6
39 new images.
06 April 2005 - mini-update x2
Shoes Galore - gallery 4
Barefoot Bitches - gallery 2
7 new images in total.
04 April 2005
Trampling Tramps - gallery 7
Lawrence gets trampled by three mistresses. 23 images.
28 March 2005
Sluts in Stockings - gallery 5
20 images.