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10 October 2006

Sluts in Stockings - Brittany in sexy pink stockings tied in the bath - Downloadable Zip

35 photos. Miss Brittany gets tied up in the bath in her sexy pink stockings. This photoset is for those of you that love watching a feminine lady tied up in her pretty underwear and masturbate with her hands tied to her curvy heels. Brittany shows amazing flexibility in this constrictive update. Brittany Andrews looking docile? Well, we've seen it all now. After pausing for a moment to ponder why she is tied up Brittany continues to lift her silver heels in the air and jack herself off for her captors. Zip download available as always.
29 September 2006

Lets Talk About Feet - My Foot Fetish, chapter 4

More Foot-Fetish erotica... I don't think I have ever ripped open some stockings with as much joy as I did that night. Beneath the sheer black nylon were ten freshly painted toes on the softest, cutest feet. As I sucked and licked each toe and every inch Jessica moaned and played with her clit. It seemed that Jessica was enjoying her feet being played with as much as I was playing with them. But now I was rock hard again and she was tugging at me, trying to get me to fuck her again...
27 September 2006

Shoes Galore - Miss Brittany gets tied up in the dungeon in her pink heels - Downloadable Zip

39 photos. Brittany Andrews is the well known Niche Bitch, but what is this? She's getting tied up in the dungeon in pretty purple ropes. Whoever it is tying her up knows her love of color co-ordination and style, it seems only fitting that if the Queen of Feet gets tied up that her ropes match her shoes.Another high quality set where, by the nature of the rigging, the shoes and feet are in center stage.
25 September 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Lyla Lei's Classic Leg and Barefoot Playtime - Downloadable Zip

54 photos. Lyla Lei's bare feet are always amazing me. They are so small and wonderous, they are pretty and so perfect. This set was a joy to make because Lyla really gets down into it and makes a crash course in leg and foot posing for any aspiring models and photographers out there. Lyla is a tiny girl but her legs look soo long in these photos. See her wiggle her toes, tease the camera and give you what you want in this exquisite bare feet photoset.
22 September 2006

Shoes Galore - Miss Brittany's Newspaper Shoes on the Bridge - pt 2 - Downloadable Zip

61 photos. Brittany is back in her newspaper outfit, this time under the bridge on the porch of a swanky studio joint. It's not long before the newspaper trousers are discarded and Miss Brittany plays around on the sofa in front of the stunning backdrop of some Los Angeles Graffitti. Partially wearing her grungy t-shirt to show off her hot breasts, Brittany flashes her classic black and white pumps around. They are not the tallest heel in the world but Miss B looks ghetto-fabulous in them. Hot, real and dirty poses from the Queen of Feet! Reading the paper has never been more shoe-rotic.
19 September 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany Strips Off and Jacks Off in Her Black Heels - Downloadable Zip

26 photos. Miss Brittany Andrews has some elegant fun in this classic stripping set. She's hearing her favorite black pumps in a 70's setting. Rock n Roll and Disco have never looked so good!! This set is an Exquisite Feet Exclusive! Download the zip or watch the slideshow and enjoy Miss Britt doing what comes naturally.
15 September 2006

Lets Talk About Feet - My Foot Fetish, chapter 3

A new chapter from the latest foot series... She would often take her shoes off and sit on my bed in her socks while jotting down notes. I love plain white socks on a cute girl, they show the outline of the foot perfectly with a soft cottom covering. Sometimes I prefer feeling soft socked feet than I do feet, knowing that her pretty feet were lounging around behind my back was very distracting even when I could not see them.
12 September 2006

Shoes Galore - Miss Brittany's Newspaper Shoes on the Bridge - Downloadable Zip

50 photos. In the stark and industrial setting of Downtown Los Angeles, Miss Brittany pushes back the limits of her trade by exposing herself on 1st Street. This set was taken quite recently but already the scenery has changed, the background is becoming a new metro station. This is the first part of a double header, Miss Brittany teases us with glimmers of her shoes in this first part, then shoves them in our face in the forthcoming part two..
09 September 2006

Shoes Galore - Webmaster's Trip to Vegas - Downloadable Zip

23 photos. This August the Exquisite Feet webmaster went on a working vacation to the pleasure capitol of the US: Las Vegas. Lots of fun was had, here's a foot-flavored taste of what happened beneath the bright lights.
06 September 2006
Sluts in Stockings - Lyla Lei in her pink stockings - part 2 - Downloadable Zip 45 photos. Sexy Lyla goes from cute white heels and pink stockings to barefoot and totally nude in part 2 of this hot foot-fetish update. We at Exquisite Feet love Lyla because she is soo cute and soo much fun to work with. Her tiny size 6 feet are truly exquisite and she works the camera with them extremely well. In this set Lyla rips the stockings from her toes and shows off her beautiful soles and her awesome naked body. Fabulous!!!
02 September 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany Andrews' Classy Leopard Boot Strip - Downloadable Zip

66 photos. A simply superb photoset from the undisputed Queen of Feet. Miss Brittany Andrews gets down and dirty in her African boudoir. Every Brittany set is a classic because she only works with the best photographers out there. This set special because it is a brunette set and the colors make it feel very warm and comforting. Imagine licking those leopardskin and leather open-toed heels. Fans of Brittany and fans of classy custom shoes will love this awesome photoset!
30 August 2006

Sluts in Stockings - Lyla Lei in her pink stockings - Downloadable Zip

60 photos. Lyla Lei is sooo cute in her pink stockings. This strip is awesome, she plays around on the blak, leather sofa. Her light pink stockings really stand out and look so soft and touchable. Lyla is one of our favorite models and this set is one of the best of her. Stay tuned for more..
28 August 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Brittany Andrews' Playful Feet - Downloadable Zip

1x video clip. A short clip of Brittany Andrews' bare, painted feet dancing about under her desk, as seen by her new webcam.
25 August 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Latina Adriana: Barefoot on the Bed - Downloadable Zip

51 photos. Amatuer Latina Adriana gives us another look at her beautiful fresh feet in this attractive update. She starts off in lingerie and is soon stripping off as her horny feeling grows from her feet up to her pussy. Available for Zip download , as always.
23 August 2006

Foot Fucking - Lyla and Mika fuck on the bed - Downloadable Zip

1x video. Lyla Lei and Mika Tan get very friendly in the bedroom. Hot Lesbian sex in high heels and barefoot.
19 August 2006

Lets Talk About Feet - My Foot Fetish, chapter 2

A new story for the "Editor's Choice"... Louise suggested a blowjob but I had a better idea. I asked to see both of their feet and they obliged at once. I asked them if they’d ever given a footjob. Neither one had but Jessica had some lube...
18 August 2006

Worship My Feet - Lauren Kain and Ana Nova double team Lyla - Downloadable Zip

62 pics. Lauren Kain and Ana Nova get together to teach Lyla Lei a sexy lesbian lesson with their high-heeled boots. Lyla is helpless and at the mercy of her two sexy dominators, she is spanked and trampled before finally submitting. Video clip coming soon!
16 August 2006

Shoes Galore - Cleopatra of the Nile: dungeon shoe strip - Downloadable Zip

36 photos. Another exotic beauty strips for Exquisite Feet, this time its Cleopatra of the Nile. If we had more categories this set might be filed under "exotic, busty pornstar shoes" but alas its just "shoes galore". Cleopatra was amazing when she came down to the studio, we've worked with her before and she's a great friend of the site but this is her first set for us.. first of many. Part two of this sexy strip includes some great barefoot poses and is coming soon.
14 August 2006

Shoes Galore - Adriana strips in the bedroom - Downloadable Zip

48 photos. Exotic latina, Adriana, shows off her pretty heels in the bedroom before stripping naked and masturbating in them. Adriana was a lot of fun and really got into the scene. A fun, sexy set to watch aswell. Adriana has fun in and out of her shoes in this, her very first shoot. Stay tuned for more from this exotic cutie.
10 August 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany with Boots Galore - pt3, playing with boots - Downloadable Zip

51 photos. Brittany Andrews in the third part of this exquisite boot update. This was a part of the shoot where Brittany modeled for the cover of world-famous DDI magazine. There are not many magazines in the porn and fetish worlds that Miss Brittany has not appeared on. Very high quality, large photoset that is available to download as always. Stay tuned for the behind the scenes from this shoot, coming soon.
08 August 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Bridgette Lee: barefoot jogging suit - Downloadable Zip

61 photos. Sexy Bridgette Lee returns in this hot barefoot update. You might remember Bridgette from her barefoot cheerleader set, well this time she's about to start working out at home but since you like her feet she might just do a barefoot strip for you... There are some exquisite foot angles in this awesome set. Thank you Bridgette!
07 August 2006

Lets Talk About Feet - My Foot Fetish, chapter 1

A new story for the "Editor's Choice"... The book fell away and I put both elbows in the sand to steady myself and enjoy the foot stimulation as I continued to wish she’d remove her top. She was leaning forward so her breasts swayed gently to and fro with the movement of her feet as she worked first one, then both soft foot up and down my shaft...
04 August 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Ms Zena: black, red and barefoot - Downloadable Zip

49 photos. Ms Zena removed her stockings for us slowly in this update so here she carries on her foot playtime for us barefoot. Ms Zena is very hot, I love the way her breasts look in this low-cut black dress. She teases us and spreads her toes for us. Zena is the perfect blend of sexiness and strictness, she is a practicing dominatrix and available for sessions in the LA area. There are some amazing closeups of her bare feet in the middle of this set - a must see for lovers of playful and strict feet.
02 August 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany: the smoking punk rock set - Downloadable Zip

74 photos. Brittany Andrews is in a punk rock mood again. She slips into her bad attitude like a foot into a sock (very easily). In this outdoor set, filmed in inductrial Chicago, she gets naked, smokes her cigarette and thrusts her black pumps in our face. Much attitude. We love it!!!
28 July 2006

Toe Sucking - Mika Tan sucks her toes - VIDEO

5 minutes of Video. Mika Tan looks amazing but its only when you see her in action that you truly appreciate her sexiness. This 5 minute toe sucking, creamy toes and dildo video is amazing. Its why I love Mika. Her feet are truly exquisite and she oozes sex from every pore. Very hot movie!
25 July 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany Andrews in the doctor's restroom - part 2 - Downloadable Zip

70 photos. Brittany continues her sexy shoe strip and breaks out the dildo to give herself that extra special doctors experience she starts jacking herself off with a glass dildo. Brittany and her big, red, shiny heels are immaculate in this update. There is some great mirror work and the glass from the dildo brings a very stylish look to part two of this great photo set.
22 July 2006

Sluts in Stockings - Lauren Kain in her sexy lace stockings - Downloadable Zip

50 photos. Lauren Kain in a great solo stocking strip. Maybe strip is the wrong word because she finishes up pretty much clothed and stockings in place, maybe a masturbation set is more accurate. Lauren peels back her panties and speads her fabulous legs to rub her moist pussy. Stunning!
20 July 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany Andrews' pale pink heels in the window - Downloadable Zip

38 photos. Brittany puts on her pretty pink shorts and bra and her pale pink heels for this sexy update. I love seeing sexy women in large windows, the light falling down on them somehow increases their beauty. In this update Brittany looks divine as always. Quality foot-fetish posing and a stunning magazine-type feel to this update.
19 July 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Tyler Stevens: wet, horny and clean feet - VIDEO - Downloadable Zip

5 minutes of video. Tyler Stevens is back with more juicy, wet, solo foot video. This time she's in Brittany's pink bathroom at the studio. This is not the first time that Tyler has had dirty feet and had to take a naked foot wash at the studio, maybe our floor is too dirty, but whatever it is we are not complaining. Tyler's Feet are awesome and she does a great job at washing them all over. A sexy foot-tastic five minutes!!
17 July 2006

Sluts in Stockings - Mika Tan in her red shoe strip - part 2 - Downloadable Zip

65 photos. Mika Tan continues her red stocking striptease: she pulls the fishnets off her smooth legs expertly and they get a little caught up in her fine toes on the way off. A very enjoyable, very red set. Very artistic and fashion-style posing but also very kinky and a must for foot-lovers. Mika is gorgeous and she continues to strip on the ground under the strong red lights. Why is this set so red? Maybe Mika was a lady of the night. Very hot foot and stocking photoset.
15 July 2006

Sluts in Stockings - Ana Nova in shoes and stockings on the bed - Downloadable Zip

32 photos. Beautiful german model Ana Nova came to the Exquisite Feet studio recently in her dominant, black, bedtime outfit and sheer, black stockings. Brunette, Ana, was a lot of fun and really enjoyed showing off her long legs and sexy feet to us. More to come from sexy Ana!!
12 July 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany Andrews in the doctor's restroom - Zip Download Available

57 photos. When Brittany Andrews teamed up with photographer, Lori Mann, recently, they decided to have some fun in the bathroom. The small black and white tiles of the floor and the clean, sharp backround are perfect for Brittany's very tall, red platformed heels. Very stylish. Very hot. Very sexy. This is the first of two parts, watch this space for more.
09 July 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Lyla Lei and Kat 9 in more lesbian barefoot action - Zipped Images in Members Area

54 pics. Kat 9 and Lyla Lei continue their barefoot lesbian frollick on the bed. They are both very pretty and have amazingly cute asian feet. This set is in the Exquisite Feet style so it's very arty and both girls look very beautiful, especially when their pretty feet are in the foreground. Another hot foot photoset!
08 July 2006

Lets Talk About Feet - My Kind of Foot Bar

A new story for the "Editor's Choice"... I turn from my pleasures to see a blonde. Now, this was no Claudette. Statue-esque and gorgeous in every word, this woman stood before me and exhuded power and pristine strength. With a quick glimpse, I took her in. Her short, black skirt complimented a set of long, lean legs, clearly the legs of someone who worked out and her white blouse, the top two buttons left open, revealed a set of pert breasts that hung magnificently.
05 July 2006

Sluts in Stockings - Mika Tan in her red shoe strip - part 1 - Zip Download Available

60 photos. Mika Tan begins her red fishnet stocking and red shoe strip tease. Mika is famous for a lot of fetish niches including legs and feet. You can tell why, she is gorgeous with the most exquisite little feet. Part 2 coming soon.
03 July 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany in leopard boots on the dark red sofa - Download the Zip

40 photos. This dark, moody photoset from Brittany Andrews. This is an artistic nude shoot but the interesting open-heeled leopard boots add value for the foot-fetishist!
01 July 2006

Shoes Galore - Erotica LA 2006 - BTS Feet - Members Area Zip Download

23 pics. A small foot photoset from Erotica LA this year. Some famous girls and their sexy feet.
28 June 2006

Sluts in Stockings - Tyler's Bedroom Fishnet Stockings VIDEO - Zip Download Available

3 videos. Tyler rips her way out of her fishnet stockings, baring her feet for you in this HOT 3 part video. Stockings are ripped by exquisite feet, the toes dig into the delicate stockings and rip them strand by strand. Sexy foot and stocking action from Foxy Tyler!!
26 June 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Lyla Lei and Kat 9 in lesbian bedroom foot action - Zipped Images Available

32 pics. Kat 9 and Lyla Lei get together for a steamy foot massage on the bed. Hot stuff from the two asian beauties with cute toes. They bare their feet then start on the lotion and massage. More from Kat 9 and Lyla Lei soon.
24 June 2006

Sluts in Stockings - Tyler's Bedroom Fishnet Stockings part 2 - Zip Download Available

72 photos. Tyler rips her way out of her fishnet stockings, baring her feet for you. Part 2 of this cute, ward foot set from Tyler Stevens. More to some from Tyler over the next few weeks.
23 June 2006

Lets Talk About Feet - Jasmine's Foot-Fetish

A new story for the "Editor's Choice"... To start with Jasmine would just have a weekly pedicure, but as time went on, with no foot love in her relationship, she needed her feet to be tended more frequently.
21 June 2006

Sluts in Stockings - Tyler's Bedroom Fishnet Stockings - Zip Download Available

46 photos. Our pantyhose / stocking fun continues with gorgeous Tyler Stevens. It's the first day of Summer but at Exquisite Feet it's officially stocking season. Foxy Tyler strips down to panties and stockings while we watch. Red-haired Tyler looks great in the oranges of the bedroom, reminds me of a warm evening at the end of summer. Part two has Tyler slipping those fishnets off her silky legs and over her toes. We also have video from this shoot coming soon.
18 June 2006

Sluts in Stockings - Ms Zena's Pantyhose Strip - Zip Download Available

67 photos. Ms Zena's silky pantyhose are elegantly removed in this stylish update. In a black dress she looks great against the black and white flooring and deep red walls. Watch out for a barefoot gallery from the lovely Ms Zena soon.
16 June 2006

Sluts in Stockings - Lyla Lei shows off her shoes and black/white outfit - pt 2 - Zip Download Available

57 photos. Part two of Lyla Lei's stocking striptease includes, as promised, smoking! While Lyla is wearing some very cute black shoes, she is also wearing pantyhose, as such, the first part was mis-placed under shoes. To make up for it part two is in the right place. Stay tuned for more from this exotic beauty very soon.
13 June 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Brittany at Cybernet Expo 2006 - Zip Download Available

52 pics + video clip. So, last weekend Brittany Andrews and her webmaster went to Cybernet Expo in San Diego. Over the 3 days we took a few pics and a nude set on the hotel balcony. All the foot-related shots are here. The nude pics are hot and I really like the pics of Britt's feet from under the comforter. The set ends with Britt readin in the train on the way back to Los Angeles.
10 June 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Ed Fox's Brittany Foot Collage - Zipped Download Available

29 pics. Ed Fox is a fantastic foot-fetish photographer who has been a friend and colleague of Miss Brittany for almost as long as Brittany has been modeling her feet. You will have seen his work in magazines and in the Exquisite Feet members area. So Ed is a photographer who loves his feet, check out this foot-fetish collage of his photos of Brittany's feet. You can get some hints of future Exquisite Feet updates and it contains a mini set of Miss Brittany posing in her knee-high strapped boots by her car. Ouch... things are getting HOT!!!
09 June 2006

Shoes Galore - Mistress Kat 9 in Black

32 pics. Kat 9 relaxes in her patent black outfit. Her shiny, black heels with the one strap around the ankle and the closed toes are certainly exquisite!! Download the zip in the members area.
05 June 2006

Worship My Feet - Thora Nang tramples and makes her slave worship

83 pics. More Femdom Foot Worship and Trampling by the Vietnamese Dominatrix: Thora Nang. Here she abuses her personal slave for our viewing pleasure. Thora really enjoys dishing out punishment, especially to men. Watch her get to grips with this guy who just loves being kicked, stomped and trampled by his mistress. LARGE UPDATE! No Zip download for this update, sorry.
02 June 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Kimberly enjoys smoking with her dildo barefoot

37 pics. Kimberly Kane continues her smoking / foot journey by getting barefoot and using her dildo. Very hot stuff as always from the Naked and Famous girl. Download the zip in the members area.
31 May 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany in Pink: Half and Half

33 pics. Hot Cyberdiva Brittany Andrews is on her way to some appointment somewhere... it doesn't really matter though because she has far more important things on her mind. Her shoes are so hot and the leather car seat feels so smooth. Sounds like its time for a wonderfully sexy and picturesque set of Misss Brittany doing what she does best. A great set by a great foot-fetish photographer.
29 May 2006

Sluts in Stockings - Kimberly Kane's smoking stocking striptease - Video - includes zip downloads of the video

15 minutes of video. Kimberly Kane's stocking striptease video. 3 clips of roughtly 5 minutes each show Kimberly playing with her stockings, removing her shoes, smoking and playing around. Hot action, check it out!!
27 May 2006

Sluts in Stockings - Kimberly Kane's smoking stocking striptease

70 pics. The long-anticipated Kimberly Kane Stocking shoot. Kimberly starts off in a cute pair of black closed-toe, slip-on heels then puts on her stockings. This is a very dramatic set. Watch out for our next update which will be the video from this set. More from Kimberly very soon... Hot hot hot!! Download the video in the members area.
25 May 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Miss Brittany, her phone and her pussy

26 pics + video clip. Brittany IS NOT a phone person what-so-ever, especially since her phone's keep dying on her. This set shows her setting her phone up with freshly-painted toes. Its a very natural set with some great, unforced poses and shots of her pussycat brushing by her bare feet. The video clip was taken after the phone was set up, she discusses her orgasmic foot massage while we gaze at her awesome toes.
24 May 2006

Toe Sucking - Mika Tan sucks her toes - part 3

38 pics. The final set of images from this awesome Mika Tan set. This update covers the "post-orgasm" loads of cute posing. No toe sucking in this update but as it follows on from the previous parts I've put them all together. Enjoy! Video coming soon.
22 May 2006

Sluts in Stockings - Brittany's Foot/Shoe/Stocking Archive

20 pics. This is a mixed bag of images from Brittany's archives. There are some great stocking shots as well as some shoes shots. This really is a mixed bag. It shows some of the changes Britt has gone through and the stocking pics are, in my humble opinion, AMAZINGLY HOT!!! We love you Britt. Large images available in zip download as always.
19 May 2006

Shoes Galore - Lyla Lei shows off her shoes and black/white outfit - pt 1

49 pics. Beautiful Lyla Lei dresses shows off her new dress and shoes in this fashion set. She slowly strips to her underwear and reaching down to her shiny, black shoes. Stay tuned for the second part of this set.
18 May 2006

Toe Sucking - Mika Tan sucks her toes - part 2

68 pics. Mika continues to play with her feet. She takes off her panties and plays with her feet and her dildo. Luckily the dildo is ideally shaped for use with her little piggies. This set is shot like a movie so you get the feeling of Mika moving around on the bed.
15 May 2006

Toe Sucking - Mika Tan sucks her toes - part 1

31 pics. Mika Tan is one of the sexiest girls on the net. Here she uses all her seductive powers to seduce us with her bare toes. She licks those toes with sensuality in the bedroom. This is part one of an amazingly hot set. Download the zip in the members area.
13 May 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Ms Zena in a playful Barefoot Set - pt2

35 pics. Part two of this playful set with Ms Zena and her barefeet in the livingroom. There are some fun poses as Ms Zena goes from Dominatrix to Foot Goddess.
11 May 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany goes Clothes Shopping

31 pics + one video. When Brittany Andrews goes shopping you won't find her on the highstreet; she'll either be in "the ghetto", in Beverley Hills or in a designer's apartment. Today she went to a designer's place to check out some tailor-made "shiznit". The pics tell the story and the video clip is a quick foot story by Brittany on the way back. Pics and video downloadable in the Members' Updates Page.
10 May 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Ms Zena in a playful Barefoot Set

39 pics. Ms Zena was relaxing in her pad. She kicks off her shoes then notices she has an admirer. Being a dominatrix, Ms Zena was not scared. She decided to have some fun with the intruder and tease him with her delicate feet. This is the first part of a fun set!
06 May 2006

Shoes Galore - The month of April - Webmaster's BTS Pics

51 pics. This update features some of the girls from Lightspeed University playing nude dodgeball at a webmaster forum, lots of BTS and foot pics of Brittany Andrews and a few pics of Ashley Blue, Kimberly Kane and Hillary Scott at a recent studio filming. Available in zip download from the members-area updates page, as always.
05 May 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Mini Set of Brittany displaying her bare feet on the bed

11 pics. Miss Brittany does a cute barefoot set in the bedroom. Short and sweet. Her feet are exquisite and the poses are hot. A good example of why Brittany Andrews is the Queen of Feet!
01 May 2006

Worship My Feet - Mika Tan Worships Mistress Kat 9 on the Sofa

72 pics. Last week, when Mistress Kat 9 and Mika Tan got together on the sofa, there could be only one outcome... Some amazing FOOT WORSHIP!! Both girls look amazing and while Mika is no pushover, she is soon wrestled to the floor with a shiny, black boot thrust on her neck. This update is for fans of beautiful asian girls, boot lovers and people who like to see foot worship. Very hot!! This is Mika's first EF gallery for us, stay tuned for much more from her. "Picture Zip" can be downloaded from the member area.
29 April 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Brittany gets Barefoot on her Sofa

22 pics. Brittany Andrews gets naked and horny at home. I like this shoot a lot, Britt is on top form and looking very cute with her barefeet and foot jewelry. More evidence that she is the Queen of Feet.
27 April 2006

Shoes Galore - Thora Nange takes her shoes off on the sofa

42 pics. Sexy Thora Nang is wearing some cute pink and black slip on platforms whilst reading a magazine on the sofa. She gets comfortable and relaxes, kicking off her shoes and displaying her wonderfully soft, small feet. This is a very cute set from a very fun and lively asian beauty.
25 April 2006

Shoes Galore - DomCon LA 2006

23 pics. This month a few of us went with Brittany Andrews to DomCon LA that was being held near Marina del Rey in the LA area. We showed up fashionably late on the last day of the convention but still managed to speak to some people and get a few pics. In this set are pics of Ms Genevieve, Mistress Precious, Mistress Kat 9 and more.
23 April 2006

Shoes Galore - Punk Brittany in black, pointed stillettos on the Stairs

46 pics. Another quality update of Brittany Andrews, photographed by Bob Coulter. This pink set is unusual because it is very punk-fetishy. Brittany has so many different styles, this is one of my favorites: You get her amazing beauty and femdom with attitude. As always, this update comes with a downloadable zip of all the images.
Lyla Lei Worships Mistress Kat 9's Feet 20 April 2006

Worship My Feet - Lyla Lei Worships Mistress Kat 9's Feet

80 pics. I love this set taken recently when Mistress Kat 9 and Lyla Lei both wound up in our dungeon. Lyla is soon on her knees at the foot of her Mistress and made to worship, kiss and lick Mistresses boots, and then, after removing the long bloack boots, Kat 9's bare feet. Kat 9 must have been lying in wait for the submissive girl as she is armed with a painful riding crop and keeps Lyla in check while she is naked on her knees. Very sexy and artistc set from two gorgeous Exquisite Feet models.
Miss Yvette Leigh 18 April 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Miss Yvette Leigh

71 pics. Busty housewife, Yvette Leigh, likes to play while her husband is away. She's the classy lady you'll find browsing fashion boutiques but when she gets home her kinky side comes out. Here her voluptuous body is laid on the bed as she smokes a cigarette before showing us her wonderful, full breasts and stripping down. Her lovely feet are never far from the action as she teases us with her dark hair and curvy body.
Brittany's Easter Shoes 17 April 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany's Easter Shoes

28 pics. Brittany gets out on the balcony for some seasonal footwork. Her shoes are soon removed and her breasts exposed in front of the beautiful Los Angeles skyline. We took this set the day before Easter Sunday to keep Brittany's foot fans right up-to-date. All the current updates including this one come with downloadable zips of the hi-res pics.
Brittany's Talking Blue Pics 14 April 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany's Talking Blue Pics

47 pics. Someone reminded me about Brittany's Talking Blue show recently so I thought I'd update with some BTS pics from a convention one year. Aswell as Brittany Andrews, the other people I recognise from the convention are Sinnamon Love and Cheryl Dynasty. There are some shoes on display, more foot-fetish tomorrow.
Brittany's Sexy Shoe Striptease 12 April 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany's sexy shoe striptease in the bedroom

44 pics. This Brittany Andrews set is hot off the press. Hot off the press and hot on the screen. This beautiful set was photographed by a photographer Brittany has worked with her whole career, the chemistry is there and every pic is shot is perfect. Brittany at her best at home at the studio. Join and download the zip.
10 April 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany with Boots Galore - pt1, red ballet boots

73 pics. Brittany poses with her red ballet boots. As you can see these ballet boots are very tall and very high. They are hard to walk in but perfect for posing in. This is a very high quality set from a great fetish photographer. The images in the gallery are around 1000 pixels in the longest direction for quick viewing, the images in the zip file are much larger and very hi-res.
09 April 2006

Shoes Galore - Lyla Lei gets tied to the horse in the Dungeon

38 pics. Thai Princess Lyla Lei found herself in the Dungeon wearing only her pink mini skirt and top and a cute pair of heels. She is soon fixed in position on the punishment horse and left completely vulnerable. A hot set from a cute, natural and exotic beauty.
06 April 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Amateur cheerleader takes off her shoes and poses

58 pics. Cheerleaders have tough routines. All that jumping and kicking is hard on the feet, especially when she's wearing heels. This cheerleader, Bridgette Lee, wastes no time in stripping and removing her heels for the camera. A cute topless foot set.
03 April 2006

Shoes Galore - A recent Hustler DVD shoot at the studio - BTS Feet

47 pics. This behind-the-scenes update continues the recent theme of elegant ladies relaxing and pleasuring themselves. Well... kinda. There are foot pics from Hollie Stevens, Jezebel Bond, Justine Joli, Vanessa Lynn, Jayna Oso and the rest of the cast and crew. The DVD has yet to be fully titled but I'll post a link as soon as it is.
01 April 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany is the Tanning Bed Cowgirl - pt2

46 pics. Miss Brittany gets busy in part two of this sexy boot set. Not content with just posing for the camera, she uses a glass dildo to increase the heat under the tanning bed lights. Brittany's boots are pristine and magnificent, in her cowgirl outfit she looks strikingly beautiful. The combination of Miss Brittany's beauty and the enjoyment she gets from the dildo is very hot and very powerful.
29 March 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Mistress Kat9 relaxes and awaits her foot slave

54 pics. Even Mistresses need to relax... especially Mistresses. They spend all day long punishing their naughty slaves so when they get a spare moment they need to relax and take off those shoes. This is exactly what Kat does here. Some really nice closeups of her bare feet, visually stunning! In this zip file I've attached the very large files so you can worship Mistress's feet close up.
28 March 2006

Shoes Galore - Kiss plays the guitar and masturbates in her black boots

20 pics. Kiss is always trying new stuff and experimenting with the camera. In this set she gets naked and plays her guitar. The music she makes turns her on so much that she has to give up and start masturbating right there in her knee-high black boots. This is a very raw, stylized set from Kiss. Enjoy!
27 March 2006

Sluts in Stockings - Adultcon 2006 (Saturday)

18 pics. This is a mixed bag of images from Adultcon 2006. I met some really sexy pornstars including Summer Cummings, Puma Swede, Phyllisha Anne, Michelle Lay and Brea Bennett, the new Club Jenna girl. It was a footalicious day right here in Downtown LA.
25 March 2006

Charlene Aspen Barefoot - mini update

10 pics. This is a small, cute update from the EF archives. We did some portfolio photographs for Charlene at the studio a while ago. Here's a small sample. Charlene strips down and shows us her feet. A cute set!
22 March 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany is the Tanning Bed Cowgirl - pt1

66 pics. Another high quality update from Miss Brittany Andrews. Here she basks in the tanning bed rays, the glow from the lamps and the devine Miss Brittany makes an exquisite photoset. Part 2 coming soon.
20 March 2006

Shoes Galore - Kinky Nurse Kayla Cam in Thigh High White Boots

18 pics. This is a mini set from kinky Kayla Cam, in this set she is dressed as a kinky nurse: white nurses hat, white dress and white boots. It's only when she bares her amazing breasts and starts jacking her strapon that the true extend of her kink shows though. This is a great mini-set displaying Kayla's thigh-high kinky boots.
18 March 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Brittany and Carmella's Creamy Feet - Video

9 video clips. BTS video from the PieVids.com shoot. The fun gets messier and the feet get creamier. There are some closeups of feet aswell as full body shots. Interview's with both girls and plenty of close-up feet action as well as some of the pie-throwing.
17 March 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany on the Roof - BTS and final shots

58 pics. A while ago we went up onto the roof. Brittany was wearing her red Converse boots and had a big red bomb. This is a great set. You get some behind the scenes, a mini striptease and the very high quality finished pictures at the end. Brittany at her glamorous best!
15 March 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany with Boots Galore - pt1, Black Boots

72 pics. These black boots are very different from the last. Miss Brittany Andrews is surrounded by boots in this shoot for DDI. Wearing a purple latex dress she gets into the boots, then freeing her breasts, she masturbates as she licks the high heels in front of her. More to come from this sensual update.
13 March 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Messy Barefoot Action with Brittany and Carmella - pt 2

44 pics. Part two of the PieVids.com shoot. The fun gets messier and the feet get creamier. There are some closeups of feet aswell as full body shots. The "interview" scene finishes and the girls put their bikinis on for the finale. Vids from this update coming soon.
10 March 2006

Shoes Galore - Olivia O'Lovely in boots on the stairs

19 pics. Is anyone into cute girls wearing heavy-duty boots? This set is definitely for you. Olivia is hot, even when she is clothed and not dressed for a shoot. Here she shows off her new workboots to the camera.
8 March 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany masturbates in her jewelled slip-on heels

32 pics. Wearing nothing but a fur-like white coat and a sparkling pair of heels Brittany sits on the stairs and masturbates. The camera angle is very low, ideal for foot-lovers to get the best view of Brittany's immaculate feet and toes.
6 March 2005

Lets Talk About Feet - Brittany reads a foot poem aloud

1x audio file (MP3). Brittany gets a lot of fanmail and she tries to read and respond to it all. I sent her this poem that was sent to the Exquisite Feet Yahoo Group and she liked it so much that she decided to read it aloud to all our members. Miss Brittany is a stern Mistress but she is also very rewarding.
5 March 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Messy Barefoot Action with Brittany and Carmella - pt 1

44 pics. We did a shoot with PieVids.com recently. I had the pleasure of meeting Carmella Bing for the first time, she has an amazing body with sweet, nicely presented feet and was absolutely delightful to work with. It was a fun day and the girls had fun with the cream pies. Carmella loved the chocolate pies and Brittany liked all the flavors as long as she was licking them off Carmella. In part one there is some BTS foot and shoe shots as well as edited, messy foot-highlights from the shoot. In part 2 there is more nudity and messy cream feet, with video to come.
3 March 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany's red shoes in the restroom

27 pics. Continuing the theme of sexy feet in bath and restrooms, this set has Brittany Andrews posing in her red heels, with the one strap around the ankle. A great set taken by the photographer of Crazy Babe.
1 March 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Brittany Andrews barefoot in the Dungeon

15 pics. Brittany does a set of girl-next door poses in the dungeon. This set is unusual because Britt isn't in her normal makeup. This is a very real photoshoot in a very real setting: the Dungeon. Beautiful Brittany's Sexy Feet!!
27 February 2006

Sluts in Stockings - Colorful Lesbian Stiped Stockings Party - part 2

52 pics. Michelle Lay and Pason XXX are joined by Gia Jordan in their stocking party. Gia's panthose get ripped as all three enjoy a playful lesbian roll around. Plenty of great leg and foot shots mixed in with the hot lesbian action.
24 February 2006

Shoes Galore - Lola's pretty feet in the bathroom

25 pics. This is a really cute set. I met this girl on the Saturday, told her about the website. On the Sunday, before filming a music video, she came back with three pairs of shoes and did a really nice barefoot and shoe set in our colorful bathroom. The feet are mainly Lola's and there is also one shot of Amanda in very sexy fishnets.
23 February 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Crystal White barefoot in the Dungeon

25 pics. Crystal White shows off her naked feet in the dungeon. Crystal is always a lot of fun on set and this shoot was no different. She poses really well and shows off her fine body and elegant feet. This is definitely one for the foot connoisseur. Crystal White in a very hot solo set.
20 February 2006

Worship My Feet - Dan worships and sucks Brittany's Feet

16 pics. Porno Dan and Brittany Andrews meet up in a hotel for a discreet foot worshipping, toe sucking rendevous. Dan's training progresses nicely with a little help from the riding crop and Brittany is soon in a foot ecstacy. Hot stuff from the Queen of Feet and her slave.
19 February 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany's Domme Boots and the Wall

60 pics. In stark contrast to the last update Brittany buckles up her big black heels and poses on the punishment horse waiting for her foot slave.
16 February 2006

Shoes Galore - Brittany shows off her feet in her white flurry coat

42 pics. Hot, elegant shoot with Brittany Andrews in a furry coat. She blows bubbles and shows us her sexy shoed feet. This is a very stylish, sexy shoot. The bubbles are fun and Brittany looks awesome in her coat and jewelled shoes.
15 February 2006

Shoes Galore - Open Black Heels on the Rug: Vanessa Lane

16 pics. Sexy Vanessa Lane spreads her legs wide and poses on the rug. This is a very cute lingerie set that compliments the earlier update of Brittany on the rug.
12 February 2006

Sluts in Stockings - Colorful Lesbian Stiped Stockings Party - part 1

36 pics. Michelle Lay and Pason XXX get together for some colorful stiped stocking madness. Both girls touch, feel and lick each other. The juicy fun gets juicier in part two when they are joined by another amazingly sexy girl for more lesbian stocking and high heel fun. WARNING: includes licking stockings and heels.
11 February 2006

Shoes Galore - Open Black Heels on the Rug

16 pics. Brittany Andrews laces up her black heels to her knees then relaxes and plays on the rug in a black bodice.
9 February 2006

Lets Talk About Feet - Miss Andrews' New Foot Slave

1x story. The August sun was bright as I walked towards the luxurious home in the distance. While I made my way down the street, I double checked the slip of paper that bore Miss Andrews' address. A myriad of thoughts ran through my mind. Would she be willing to let me serve as she foot slave? Would I be good enough for her? I rang her doorbell with both hope and apprehension.
7 February 2006

Shoes Galore - Gia Jordan

27 pics. What does Gia Jordan look like? A naughty schoolgirl? She's trying on her Mom's shoes? Or is she meeting her college pals in her new pumps? But where are her clothes? Look what trouble Gia's been getting into!
5 February 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Retro Barefoot Brittany in the Pool

44 pics. This update is for lovers of beautiful, sexy Brittany Andrews and her hot, bare, wet feet. With her peroxide bob and retro corset she reminds us of a time near the dawn of pornography when a ladies ankle was taboo and risque. Brittany's feet are untouchable and inviting at the same time.
1 February 2006

Barefoot Bitches - Miss Brittany relaxes inbetween Shoots

20 pics. Miss Brittany had a couple of minutes between shooting some scenes at the studio so she told me to take some pics of her in the office. Britt rolls around on the floor and shows me her cute feet with painted nails while wearing her comfy pink jogging suit.
31 January 2006

Foot Fucking - Porno Dan gets trampled and foot-fucked by Brittany and friend

72 pics. Miss Brittany and friend get trampling Porno Dan. Miss Brittany is the main trampler while the other girl sucks and fucks horizontal Dan. A great set for those who like hot fucking and seductive trampling.
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